Every month, Mashariki African Film Festival Organization hosts screening events that promote African films.  The Organization facilitates filmmakers to access venues, showcase their work and build lifetime connections with guests in attendance.


Video and Photo Production

Mashariki African  Film Festival Organization is rooted in celebrating artists and giving home to their creations. The Organization brings to light visual projects of all kinds – from short films, to feature films, and documentaries.  

Every filmmaker is given a platform to build and present their piece to  a large audience even long after the festival takes place. The year-round support is directed to creative labs, and strategic advice from development to distribution. 

Workshops for Basics and Masterclasses

Learning is an integral part of the Organization. Thanks to partners and collaborators, grade-A knowledge is passed down to participants in free sessions around the country. With premium resources and expert advice on screenwriting, digital distribution and more, artists receive advanced knowledge to help grow in their career and take their projects to the next level

Logistics & Casting for Local/regional Movies Shooting

You will need the right team to develop and execute a dependable logistics strategy. Many films require that trucks, people and equipment be deployed to a single block, for an effective supply chain that ensures a smooth transition of scripts to reality – the streets to the screens. Fortunately, an experienced crew will arrange shooting locations, filming equipment and fill transportation needs, employing expert logisticians who ensure that cast, crew and equipment arrive on time.