The sixth edition explores the use of cinema as a medium to tell stories from all over the continent. It challenges false narratives about Africa, and encourages fresh film concepts that are rooted in true history. This year, MAFF collaborates with DISCOP to explore opportunities and challenges in spreading African stories through film, and ways to help creatives in accessing funds for their projects. Executives and experts in the film industry will be among the participants in screenings and insightful meetings with independent film producers from all around the continent. Top objectives of this year’s festival include but are not limited to:

  • Fostering long-term relationship among cinematographers from Africa and around the world
  • Equipping young/upcoming African filmmakers and actors with insights from acclaimed cinema experts
  • Affirming Rwanda’s position as one of the leading cinema playgrounds in Africa

Mashariki has planned a series of activities to engage participants in the life of cinema. From film screenings to classes, every guest will access resources to help expand their scope and knowledge of the industry. The sessions are designed to assess the industry’s challenges, inspire solutions, and motivate the future generation of filmmakers.


The Bridge
Girls in Cinema: New Edition
Maaff trainees’ Alumni

The program brings together cinema creatives from anglophone and francophone countries, to explore various categories of production including animation, sports-oriented documentaries, and faith-based TV series. Creators from across the continent are invited to submit their projects before 24 September 2021. Winners will be announced during the 6th edition of the festival.


Girls in Cinema is a long-term project that is engaging young women in cinema. The women-only workshops are building the future of the industry that is currently male-dominated.

The previous editions hosted female students from different high schools in Rwanda, who were introduced to notions of script writing and production exercises.

The third workshop ending the first phase will continue in the 5th edition of MAAFF with a basic course on low budget production, specifically smartphone filmmaking, trained by Remy Ryumugabe, Mpyisi Kamikazi and Ceke Mathenge.

The new edition will work with different schools to select a new group of 10 girls who will be taught how to make films, starting from development to distribution.

For years, MAAFF has trained aspiring filmmakers and film critics. Upon completion, the festival team launches them into the world where they pursue new paths with  found knowledge or continue their studies. 

Maaff alumni is a networking event that brings graduates together. It connects them to new members of the team and builds new alliances.